What are Cookies and how do we use them?

Enza Zaden uses cookies on its website. A cookie is a small text file that your computer downloads onto the hard disc at the moment that you visit the website. Cookies collect information that is necessary to enhance the functionality of a website.

Enza Zaden considers it important that visitors to the site know which cookies are used by our website and for what purposes. Your privacy and the user-friendliness of our website have the greatest priority. Read more about the cookies used by our website and what they are used for below.

Enza Zaden uses cookies on its website in order to test the site and to improve your user experience. The cookies on the Enza Zaden websites are anonymous. Enza Zaden cannot use these cookies to identify where the information originated.

Functional cookies

These strictly necessary cookies are needed for the proper operation of the Enza Zaden website. The information stored by these cookies is used to enhance the functionality and performance of the website.

Non-functional cookies

We also use cookies for analytical purposes. These are (permanent) cookies that help us gather information about aspects including the number of visitors to the website, how often the website is visited and which sections and pages are used in particular.

We do this using software (Google Analytics and SiteCore Analytics) from third parties (Google and SiteCore). This third parties may be obliged to disclose the information - based on statutory or legal obligations or insofar as information has been modified - to other parties. Moreover the third parties (Google and SiteCore) may or may not use the analytical information obtained in this way for its other services. We are unable to exert any influence in this respect.

A list of the functional and non-functional cookies that we use is shown below:

_utma | Expiry: 2 years from set/update

This cookie distinguishes users from sessions. This ‘permanent’ cookie records how often a user visits the website and pages, and when the first and last session was. The third parties use the information obtained from this cookie to calculate the number of visits per day or per number of visits.

_utmb | Expiry: 30 minutes from set/update

This cookie is used to determine new sessions and visits. Session cookies are used by the website to record which pages you visit. This will enable you to navigate faster and more easily, without being asked to grant permission each time or requiring the page to be updated each time by the browser.

_utmz | Expiry: 6 months from set/update

This cookie stores the paths or campaigns you used to assess the website. This cookie records whether the visitor came from another website, which search engine was used, which link was used and the search keyword used and registers the region the user was in when the website was visited.

For further information about Google Analytics data privacy and security policies, we refer to

For information about Sitecore Analytics, please visit

Session cookies

Enza Zaden uses session cookies to identify the online behaviour of the visitors to our website so that we can adapt our services accordingly. These cookies are deleted automatically as soon as you finish your internet session.

Social media

Our website includes social buttons that are used to promote web pages or share information on social networks and platforms such as YouTube, Linkedin and Facebook. These buttons work using short pieces of code that originate from these networks and platforms. Cookies are placed using this code. Enza Zaden can exert no influence in this respect.

Please read the privacy statements of the social networks to know what these companies do with your data and cookies.

Deleting cookies

If you wish to delete cookies that have already been set, you can do this yourself via your internet browser. It is possible to block some or all cookies in your internet browser. For detailed information on blocking or enabling cookies and how to delete them, look in your internet browser's help information or instructions.


We reserve the right to modify the content of this statement and update the cookies on the website from time to time. Modifications will be published on the website.

If you have any questions and/or remarks, please mail the Communications department in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands: